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Body Composition Analyser on Rent
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Sunlight Mini omni
With the Sunlight Mini Omni you can offer reliable, accurate, non-invasive and safe diagnosis and monitoring of bone density - with exceptional cost-effectiveness and ease, right at the point of care. The size of a hardback book and weighing less, the Mini Omni is the ultimate bone sonometer system that goes wherever people go.
Mini Omni s based on proprietary Sunlight Omnipath quantitative ultrasound technology, which has been proven - in more than 6,000 Sunlight Omnisense installations worldwide - to deliver highly accurate and safe multi-site measurement of bone density.
Mini omni is the only multi-site ultrasound device available today that provides an ideal first-line earlyassessment and diagnostic tool in the fight against Osteoporosis. It offers an effective alternative to the traditional DXA-based scans where use of DXA for diagnosis or monitoring is not possible due to cost or geographic limitations of available systems and in cases where x-ray exposure should be avoided.
Features and Benefits
Non-invasive and radiation-free.
Prices measurements and a unique multi-site measurement option allow for high accuracy.
4 ethnic reference databases for males, females and children.
No disposables, with near-zero cost of operation.
Utilize your own PC/laptop.
Lightweight and compact.
USB connectivity: windows-based.
Materials Included
Mini-Omni bone sonometer
CM probe (radius)
Spring gauge assembly
SOS verification phanton.
Skin marker.
Ultrasonic gel
Sunlight Mini Omni
Software disk with USB connectivity (Windows 7 and XP).
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Sunlight Mini Omni
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