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Body Composition Analyser on Rent
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Corporate Wellness Program
Corporate health programs are essential to the long term viability of all businesses. Employee wellness has Corporate Wellness Program been proved to reduce health care costs, absenteeism and thus resulting in improved productivity. Research has also shown that employees wellness program offer a positive return - on - investment making them a benefit that costs more to avoid than to provide. Corporate Wellness Programs are investments in company's most important resource, workers. Studies have shown that workers are more likely to be on the job and performing well when they are feeling well, both physically and mentally. Workers are also more likely to be attracted to, remain with and appreciate an employer that values them.
Corporate wellness program thus improve company productivity by:
Attracting superior quality staff
Reducing rate of absenteeism and time loss
Enhancing on the job time utilization and decision making
Improving worker morale, thus improving turnover
How wellness contributes to smooth functioning of any organization, can be lined as following:
Improves mental alertness and reduces physical lethargy.
Health stress leads to distraction from work as it demands more of subject involvement into matter of his health.
Reduces periodic incidence of ailments leading to absenteeism and shrinking performance.
Good health enhances individual's enthusiasm and promptness at taking initiatives for development of organization
Lifestyle Foundation introduces corporate wellness schemes, especially in following modalities:
Weight management
Diabetes management
Osteoporosis and Body Composition Test
Stress management
The Corporate Wellness Module serves companies with small to large employee size located in different Cities of India. Our expert team will conduct health camp including BMD Test, Protein, Mineral, Total Body water, Mass of Body Fat, Soft Lean Mass, Lean Body Mass, weight, standard weight, B.M.I., Percent Body Fat, Age Matched of Body, Basal Metabolic Rate, Total Energy Expenditure, Body type, 5 body parts (right arm, right leg, left arm, left leg and trunk) soft lean mass/mass of body fat and assessment, Body Composition Change and Mass of Body Fat assessment, Body Composition Chage, Control guide (weight, Mass of Body Fat), Soft Lean Mass Control, Goal to control, Control / week, Duration of control, Diet prescription calorie, Exercise prescription calorie, Visceral Fat Area, Visceral Fat Level, Abdominal Circumference, W.H.R., Impedance. This has enabled members of bigger corporate set ups to enjoy health benefits without dispensing their valuable time on conventional clinical health check up and Doctor's visit, thus helping the productivity of the company.
Bone Densitometer CM-200
Sunlight Mini Omni
Body Composition Analyzer
BMD machine available on rent
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